Friday, January 15, 2010

Testing, testing, 1, 2, 3...

Is this thing on?

I can't believe I went ahead and made this little blog deal. Although, I'll most likely enjoy having another outlet for all my crazy up and downs whether it be with makeup or my personal life. I find keeping them separated isn't easy, or at least to me it's not. The two just get all mushed together. I have a feeling this will soon become another public diary..
This thing will be kept pretty simple. One, because I'm not familiar with blogs, and two, I know nothing about designing things with codes or whatever it is people use. I like the black background and easy to read font..That's all I need, I'm good for now.
Today was rather uneventful. I took Malaea to school, as always, came home, and plopped on the couch (folded some clothes). The teacher didn't really need my help today, so no staying at school for me. I caught up on my fav. shows though!
Project Runway always makes me happy. I know NOTHING about fashion, to be honest, but I do enjoy that show. I feel so out of the loop for someone who's supposed to be living and breathing all the fashion & makeup "stuff". I don't know the snazzy terminology, I don't keep up with the runway shows or up coming trends, or designers. Most of the time I don't find it interesting. I'd rather stay in my own bubble and decide what looks nice as it comes, it's just not that serious to me.
Sadly, as I was watching P.R. , a bizarre commercial came on. I'm still trying to process why in the world Loreal made a foundation you have to ROLL on your face.. I don't even want to talk about because it'll irritate me more than it already has.
Anyway, after that I switched on The First 48..another great show on A&E. I love me some A&E.
Sooo...yea, basically I watched TV til it was time to attack another load of laundry and time for my parent/teacher meeting with Malaea's teacher.
1st grade has been quite the experience. It's left me kind of feeling hopeless, at the moment. Malaea is a smart girl. And I'm not saying that because I'm her mom. If she had learning issues, I wouldn't be that mom in denial trying to fool herself and everyone else. pshh.. Malaea is actually above average, especially in reading. That's awesome. I hated reading, still do. I hated everything about school. So the fact that she's doing well is something that really makes me proud and I hope that it continues for her and doesn't die down.
Now, the problem is she has an issue with listening and following directions. She refuses to sit down and not run off to play with the other distracted kids. It's driving me crazy. She does the same thing at home and I'm almost sure if I had more discipline support, she'd be okay. She acts as if she can do whatever she wants because she knows as long as I'm not around to bring consequence to her not-so-awesome acts, she has nothing to loose by doing them.
I feel as though we'll be struggling with that for a while, until I get proper funds to move out and to freedom. Until then, I will continue to love and nurture the great qualities she does have and are starting to develop. We will continue reading & writing daily.
SOOOO haha...that has been my day so far. Now I'm here typing my life away with my now uneven eagle claw nails. The evening is still young! Who knows what will happen...but most likely nothing. HA!
I think I'll go attempt to post/organize my makeup pics on here, I've almost 5 yrs worth to go though. FUN!!!!!
Now let me go twitter about this first entry..hahaha


  1. Welcome to blogger! I'm just like you when it comes to fashion. I don't keep up with the trends. It's too much. And I also like staying in my own bubble too lol :)

  2. First let me start by saying YAYYYYYYY!!!!! I'm so glad you have a blog! I totally admire your make up tutorials, it can be like 1 am and I'm just getting in and need to get in the bed, and when I check my emails I see new videos from Queen of Blending...girrrllll I'm watching it. I want to get my make up done by you I'm in Long Beach California, hopefully this can be a dream come true.

    Re: The baybay
    I have a daughter that is in 1st grade also, she will be 7 this year. I still can't believe I have a 7 yr old, but, nevertheless my last parent teacher conference, went something like...Your daughter is great, friendly, very prompt, and smart, however she lacks self control. In my head I'm like WHAT!?!?! My kid? Self Control? Noooo. How does this happen? At the end of the day she talks too much and she just wants to stay active, at times too active. I don't think its anything to be too upset about, its just what little girls do! They like to talk and play and when they get out of hand give them that "Look" I personally hate the idea of spanking my daughter. I just won't do it. I can't. I will give her ass the look in a heartbeat though. No worries though, you are doing a wonderful job raising your beautiful lil girl! Can't wait to see more blogs from you!

  3. wow. howwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww do u so this how thy look so professional; amd perfect!!! i really wanna kno lol thy all bootyful-miss laydee

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