Friday, January 15, 2010

Makeup Pics from 2006!

This isn't every single pic I have from '06. A lot of them are just horrendous and should never see others' eyes. haha I had only been doing makeup for about a year at this point & was still very experimental with colors and placement. These are just the ones that kinda worked!

MAC gold pigment, green smoke & Velvet moss eyeshadows with ricepaper to highlight.

MAC Plumage, pompous blue, and rice paper to highlight

Make Up For Ever white eyeshadow, with blue pure pigment, MAC felt blue eyeshadow & freshwater on bottom.

This was for a myspace makeup group was something goth-ish themed. I drew the shape around the eye first and filled it in with black eyeshadow & used red to "drip" down the face..its super sloppy! I wish I had mixing medium when I did this!

Rachel Perry Lip Balm's m fav. lip balm!

on the eye: make up for ever black & yellow eyeshadow, with MAC true chartreuse & chartreuse pigments, & orange eyeshadow.

I remember doing this for Halloween, even though I didn't dress up or actually go anywhere..I was bored! I used lace and make up for ever eyeshadows all over.

MAC deep truth, freshwater, and Ricepaper on top with MAC platinum pigment on the bottom

Make Up For Ever matte lavender and violet (92) eyeshadows

MAC Chrome yellow, Dusty Coral Pigment, and Make Up For Ever Hot pink eyeshadow. And Dusty Coral along the bottom

MAC bitter, lime, and velvetmoss on top. With MAC lemon pigment on bottom. I forget what's on the lips, but most likely I mixed a bunch of stuff together.

MAC aquadisiac & parfait amour

MAC chrome yellow eyeshadow, Make Up For Ever black e/s, and MAC ricepaper to highlight. MAC red lip lacquer on the lips.

eyes: MAC dovefeather, beautiful iris, and naked lunch

eyes: MAC Chrome Yellow, lime, & jewel blue with MAC freshwater along the bottom

This was on my 21st birthday! eyes: I used MAC bitter & Lime with liquid last along the bottom. forgot the name!

eyes: MAC steamy and naked lunch on top, with lucky green & steamy on the bottom

eyes: MAC beauty marked eyeshadow with a green that I can't remember! And MAC red lip lacquer on the lips..cant remember the specific name.

eyes: MAC bright fuchsia pigment, grape pigment, naked lunch to highlight. Frankly Scarlet on cheeks, with Dervish lipliner & gloss for the lips.
Flower inspired:

eyes: I used MAC chrome yellow, grape pigment, bright fuchsia pigment, and chartreuse pigment.

eyes: MAC orange, chrome yellow, and bitter eyeshadows on top. With MAC freshwater on the bottom.
Thanks for looking! I'm going to start working on 07, I have a lot to catch up on!


  1. I want to see the horrendous pics! :P

  2. grrrr if only i had ur talent!!!! lol very pretty :D

  3. I would just like to say your blog brings out my inner, INNER, DDEEEEEEPPPP INNER girly girl:) Lol. Aaaaaaannndd.. I'm your 100th follower. Yay:) And I am so stealing some of these looks!.. Maybe. I can't do it like you, I know that much lol.

    -Sailor Taylor

  4. You are TOOOOOO talented. I LOVE watching your tuts on YouTube. You should update your blog. I LOVE it!

  5. IM OBSESSED.Can you put up some tutorials please. :)

  6. Holy cow! (A saying that should only be reserved for special occasions like coming across your blog!) Wow! I just Googled MAC lime pigment and found one of your eye looks here (with Bitter) and got so much more than I bargained for with all of the gorgeous artistry here. Damn! Thanks for sharing your talent for colors, blending, and expert application with the world! You have a gorgeous face too girl! =) Rock on & stay creative!

  7. PS - I would love to know if you find anywhere that sells the Rachel Perry Lip Lovers gloss (online) I've been searching for more of them myself - aren't they the best???

  8. u r blessed with such a great talent. thanks for sharing!!

  9. Beautiful , very inspirational colors great ideas for all occasions